Lisa, a recent client of ours said “You won’t realise how much you need your eyebrows until they are gone.” Cancer and the side-effects of Chemotherapy are very destructive. Lisa’s beautiful long hair had all fallen out, along with her eyebrows as well.

“People with Cancer simply don’t realise that losing your hair is bad enough – but to lose your eyebrows is much, much worse. We convey nearly all our non-verbal communication through our eyes.”

A long time after Lisa’s first fight with Cancer, her hair returned, and so did her eyebrows – to some extent.  However, unfortunately, her Cancer also returned as well.  With this in mind, and with Chemotherapy just around the corner, Lisa decided to overcome her imminent hair loss with Microblading.

Self-appearance matters to your mental state

Although self-appearance is initially a lesser concern for people struggling with Cancer or Chemotherapy, your self-esteem is crucially important. Staying positive helps with rebuilding your health and becoming strong again.  Irrespective of how poorly somebody feels, everybody wants to look like themselves again as soon as possible. Microblading can certainly help with this.


Microblading removes the hassle of having to draw the eyebrows every day.

It saves precious time when feeling unwell

It guarantees that no matter what time of the day it is, when you look in the mirror – it still feels like it is you who is looking back.

Lisa voiced all her concerns to us and together we worked on a plan.  48 hours later she was looking at her new eyebrows. 

Do you think she was happy with the result?

Before & After
Before & After

Special Note

Microblading must be done before Cancer treatment begins. Chemotherapy slows down the body’s ability to fight infection, and recover from injury.  Microblading must be done before Chemotherapy or you must wait 6 months after you have finished your medicines and been given an all clear by your doctor/oncologist.  Talk to us and find a sympathetic ear. We will listen to you and create the vision you are looking for.

One thing that we can do for those people who we cannot immediately treat is to work out a date when we will be able to microblade them.  In this way, they at least have something to look forward to.

Speak to us about our affiliation with Walsall Manor Hospital. We have helped a lot of people feel much more confident about the way they look. You might not be feeling great at the moment, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look great!  We are keen to help you!!

Our passion is to help boost the confidence of men and women suffering with cancer.  To us, it’s not just a job, but giving back and doing our bit for humanity too.

We can only assist those who know about our microblading services, which is why we need your help to spread the word.  Do you know somebody who is suffering with Cancer?

We want to leave our business cards and flyers at hospitals, support groups, and local/national charities in order to raise awareness of our abilities. Can you help us?

Our work is roughly half the price of other microblading schools with similar qualifications. We want our work to be accessible by everyone, not just those wealthy enough.  Please share our page.

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