Microblading is semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, it is categorised as a form of permanent makeup. The process manually implants colour pigment into the skin to create the appearance of nautral looking hair strokes.

We suggest you allow four hours for your initial appointment. We take care to make sure that we understand the look you would like and take time to measure and draw the brows and numb the area prior to starting the actual procedure itself.

Some of the strokes may fade or disappear during the healing process after the first treatment, so a follow up appointment is usually around 4 weeks after the initial treatment and will correct these. The follow up appointment is usually around 2 hours.  Further colour refreshments may be needed depending upon your skin type.

Microblading typically lasts around 1-3 years but this depends on your skin type, sun exposure and age. Your skincare routine may also affect the pigment. To keep your brows looking fresh we recommend a touch up every 12-18 months. Where the microbladed area has faded over time please note that a slight shadow may remain.

Everyone has a different level of sensivity, most people would describe it as minor discomfort similar to tweezing or threading. We make every effort to ensure you remain comfortable during the procedure and we can use a mild anaesthetic cream to relieve any discomfort if required.

We recommend that your avoid working out for 7 days following your appointment. The salt in sweat will fade the pigment quickly and affect your results, if necessary you should clean the tattooed area with luke warm water as soon as you can.

You must be over 18 years old or accompanied by a parent.

Microblading is suitable for men and women

You are NOT suitable for microblading if you are:-

  • pregnant
  • diabetic
  • undergoing Chemotherapy (please consult your doctor)
  • have a viral or infectious disease
  • have epilepsy
  • have skin irritations or Psoriasis near the area
  • have a heart condition or pacemaker
  • have any condition that compromises your immune system or healing

Healing is usually fully completed after 28 days, initially your brows will appear darker and more defined than perhaps you would like. As the scabs heal, usually within 7-10 days your brows will then start to look more natural.

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