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Microblading in Cannock

Microblading is a natural looking, semi permananet eyebrow tattoo that can last up to 3 years. Microblading can enhance the look of your eyebrows to create the perfect shape, colour and thickness that you want. It builds on your natural eyebrows creating more definition to create a fuller look that require little maintenance and that doesn’t wear or wash off.

It is perfect for those with sparse brows, and can transform your brows to give you the shape and look you’ve always wanted. It is designed to closely replicate your natural hair growth. The individual, meticulously placed strokes blend with your existing hair and give the impression of hairs where there were none.

Although microblading is a form of tattooing, it more superficial as the pigment is implanted into the epidermis, which is the layer of skin that constantly regenerate. This makes it much more versatile and more natural due to the more defined strokes and is a perfect way to adapt to changes in brow trends.

Microblading is ideal for those who are not happy with their eyebrows, suffer from alopecia or other condition that causes hair loss but want to have natural looking eyebrows. With your practitioner you choose the colour and style that you want to achieve and that will suit you.

Initially brows may appear darker but will fade within 14 days of the first treatment, which is why a follow up treatment is required, usually 4 weeks after the first treatment.

Results can last up to 3 years but this depends on many facturs including skin type, sun exposure, age and products applied to your skin.

If you would like a lovely natural looking eyebrow without having to spend time each time you do your makeup, microblading is the treatment for you. The results are incredible and you can transform your look and improve your confidence. For more information or a consultation please get in touch.

We are delighted to say that we are affiliated with Walsall Heath Care NHS Trust, helping clients build their self-esteem when struggling will illnesses such as Cancer and for those who are facing Chemotherapy. Staying positive helps with rebuilding your health and becoming strong again.  Irrespective of how poorly somebody feels, everybody wants to look like themselves again as soon as possible. Microblading can certainly help with this.

Our microblading services are available in Cannock, with convenient appointment times, for more information please get in touch.

Microblading – Before & After Gallery

Before & After
Before & After
Before & After

What our clients have to say

Big thanks to Paul and Ployta . From no Brows to Wow brows. Paul was amazing, professional, very precise and you could tell he had a passion for perfect eyebrows. I was made to feel very welcome as soon as I got there, the process was explained thoroughly, the desired shape etc.

I’ve wanted my eyebrows microbladed for a long time as I had a horrible scar running through one of my eyebrows which was a constant pain always filling it in, however if you looked now you wouldnt even know I ever had a scar. The precision and accuracy from Paul is perfect. The hairline strokes are just so on point you cant even differentiate between my real eyebrow hair and the amazing hairline strokes Paul created. I’m so overwhelmed with how good they look I cant stop looking at them. The attention to detail is crazy.

Highly recommend if you want perfect brows then Paul is the man to go to. I cant believe how much its changed my confidence and made me feel amazing having a perfect set of brows. Big thanks yet again . Paul and Ployta are real true, genuine lovely people who enjoy what they do.

Jade, 9th February 2020

Where do I start from?
My brows are beyond perfect! I understand microblading on black skin could be something tricky but Paul took his time et voila!!! I have brows again!!! So natural no one would even know they were microbladed.

I was made to feel very special before and during the whole process. Top notch customer service from beginning till end. I even had hand massages whilst getting my brows done!! ?? I was so comfortable, relaxed and almost didn’t feel any pains. My brows took longer than expected but this did not push Paul to rush over it, he took his time and went through every bit of detail..

I recommend Eternal Make-up if u wanna get your brows done and every kind of massage you need. I will be booking a massage for my mate n I.

Latoya, February 2020

Had my brows done yesterday. I was nervous but Paul was so friendly and made me feel super comfortable. I absolutely love my new eyebrows, they look so natural and suit my face shape.

Thank you Paul for a truly fantastic experience. I highly recommend, tell all your friends.

Beautiful Results

Ritaj, 30th January 2020

Today I had my eyebrows micro-bladed for the first time ever by Paul, he is so talented and so friendly. They look perfect and so natural, I have already had so many compliments and everyone wants to get booked in!!

Would 100% recommend, I would get booked in ASAP if I was you, the end result is life changing, thank you so much Paul!

Kelsie, 19th January 2020

Had my eyebrows done by Paul yesterday and I would definitely recommend to anybody who took an interest to microblading! Very professional and talented, I have slightly uneven eyebrows and I have always had to pencil them in but now thanks to Eternal makeup I won’t have to do this again! They’re now twins not sisters?. Looking forward to my top up.

Lucy, 13th January 2020

I had microblading for the 1st time ever by Paul and honestly, I couldn’t have asked for better. I was made to feel welcome as soon as I arrived, was explained everything and was made sure I was comfortable and at ease all the way through, the results were amazing!!!! So real looking, I was astonished at how great of a job he did, the attention to detail made sure it was a perfect job. Thankyou so so much Paul

Gloria, 9th January 2020

Had my eyebrows done today. They are absolutely amazing , I love them, there so natural.

Paul was so professional and is very talented , would 100% recommend.

Lauren, 5th January 2020

Fantastic service, thank you so much for your amazing work, just what I wanted.


Amazing! The shape and colour are perfect, very natural looking,. Thank you so much!


Paul was brilliant, he put me at my ease and made sure I was happy with everything. Would highly recommend!


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